brand positioning

The positioning of the brand is not just arty marketing speak. Doing nothing is not an option. The difficulty is of course that if you don't manage how you want your brand to be positioned then the market will do it for you and it may not be the one you want.

Brand positioning seeks to identify the market space in which you want the brand to operate and most importantly how the brand seeks to differentiate itself from the competitive peer group.

With the blurring of brand and corporate boundaries, there is an increased recognition that brand positioning goes to the very heart of corporate strategy.

Brands, however, do not operate in a vacuum. The world evolves, technology improves and the modus operandi of business changes. In order to remain relevant to successive generations of audience, brands need to be restless about self-renewal. A brand"s positioning therefore needs to evolve over time to reflect the prevailing business zeitgeist.

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'In the factories we make cosmetics, in the stores we are selling hope'

Charles Revson
Founder of Revlon