brand identity

We refer to brand identity as the visual expression of the brand.

There is simply no doubt that a picture speaks a thousand words and the graphic representation is no different. Brand Identity is crucial to communicating what a brand stands for and how you want your customers to perceive your brand.

Design, like fashion does not stand still. Our philosophy of brand identity is that it should have the longevity to remain futureproof. Although we are conscious that brands and their identities need to evolve we do not simply advocate change for the sake of change. We are however unafraid to make the hard recommendations for change where the business strategy and the brand identity diverge.

On the launch of a new brand the visual expression of the brand will be critical to its perceived direction, its positioning and its values. How does a brand communicate that it is premium or budget, forward looking or antique, contemporary or classic and for which target group?

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'You're just anybody without your identity'

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