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Marketers have long bemoaned the lack of representation on the main boards of businesses. Part of the problem has been that marketing is viewed as a cost which is discretionary rather than an investment which is mandatory to ensure the future prosperity of the business. The other part of the problem has been that marketers have rarely been able to prove the return on their investment in a language that the board understands.

When the investment is in marketing and the returns measured financially it is no wonder that marketers and the rest of the businesses fail to communicate. Understanding the value of brands in hard dollars arms the marketer with fact based evidence to counter some of the criticisms that have traditionally been levelled at them. Understanding the value of brands provides a common language with the rest of the business.

Robust Brand valuation techniques are now widely recognised by regulatory bodies such as accounting standards setters, high courts and tax authorities. Equilibrium has pioneered techniques which are endorsed by accounting standards boards in the UK, US and the International Accounting Standards Committee.

Brand Valuation is broadly used for financial transaction purposes and for better strategic decision making. There are times when the actual value is material, usually where a financial transaction is dependent upon a dollar value. Often, the process of arriving at a brandís value delivers incisive intelligence and the value of the brand is simply the means by which we keep score to help make better decisions. In that context it is not just how valuable your brand is that is important but how your brand is valuable that is important.

What can Brand Valuation do for you?

Corporate Strategy

Marketing, Brand and Advertising Strategy

Investor Relations

Mergers, Acquisitions and Joint Ventures

Transaction Support

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ĎItís not just how valuable your brand is but how your brand is valuable that is importantí