11 Oct 2004 -

Equilibrium partner, Nicholas Ind's new book 'Inspiration' co-authored with Cameron Watt published

Capturing the Creative Potential of Your Organisation
By Nicholas Ind and Cameron Watt

Most organizations have untapped creative potential. It's there in the yet to be realised creativity of individuals and teams. For managers the challenge is how to capture this and how to focus ideas so that they help the organization achieve its objectives. Using research derived from organizations in the film production, games, design, arts, sportswear and automotive industries where creativity is not an occasional occurrence, but a continuous ongoing process, 'Inspiration" argues for a creative rethink.  Here, creativity does not so much require creative heroes as creative cultures; organisational freedom needs to be tempered by corporate structures and boundaries; trust needs to be established before people can be inspired.  When these elements are in place, businesses enjoy significant advantages: stronger bonds are built with customers, employees show passion and commitment and innovation helps drive the organization forward.

Using inspirational examples such as Aardman Animations (film), Tate Modern (modern art museum), Funcom (online games), Volvo (automotive), IDEO (innovation) and Quiksilver (sportswear) this book demonstrates that well managed, creativity makes for effective decision making, good innovation and for an exciting place to work.  Read more at www.inspiration-book.com

'Essential reading for anybody who wishes to better understand the vital and complex role that creativity plays in successful business.'
Sir Terence Conran, London

‘How do branding and creativity connect? Among the key questions Ind and Watt address in their very interesting book, this is one of the most difficult. But the answer is convincing. They ignore the usual clichés and instead argue that branding must be tailored to the individual by a creatively inspired organization that is willing to break down the boundaries between employees and customers.  For this refreshing idea and for many others, this book is clearly worth reading.’
Pascal Beucler
MD, Carré Noir, Publicis Groupe branding & design agency, Paris

‘Inspiration is a book that captures the high ground in management thinking about creativity.’
Professor Charles Harvey, University of Strathclyde

This book should be mandatory reading for anyone interested in understanding how to unlock their company’s creative potential.’
Richard Cross, Director of Technology, ITV plc

Inspiration brings creativity to life and provides tangible ideas for managing the creative organisation’
Lars Nittve, Director, Moderna Museet.

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news from equilibrium Equilibrium partner, Nicholas Ind's new book 'Inspiration' co-authored with Cameron Watt published
11 Oct 2004