Deutsche Börse


Deutsche Börse had grown beyond its origins as a German Exchange operator into Clearing, Systems and IT . Its initial approach to the London Stock Exchange had failed and it sought to understand where the brand had value, to understand the brand’s strengths and weaknesses and to consider a clarification of its brand architecture.


A brand valuation was conducted of the key components of the Deutsche Börse business units including the DAX and Neue Markt Indices. A re-naming exercise was also evaluated against the status quo and a number of brand architecture solutions were put forward as part of the re-organisation of the Group.


Deutsche Börse was found to have sufficient brand merit for the Group’s future strategy and brand architecture. However, it was also clear that some refinement of the Group’s properties was necessary to ensure the brand was not viewed negatively including the abandonment of the Neue Markt index.

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Deutsche Börse
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