Waterford Wedgwood


Wedgwood had been an iconic British brand but had suffered from an over proliferation of products and an unclear point of view in a market that had seen new entrants into the world of luxury. Wedgwood was in danger of becoming an obsolete brand irrelevant to new generations of consumer.


A thorough audit of the brand was conducted using original research and encompassing everything from the brand’s core values to its distribution outlets and retail presentation. The recommendations built a positioning around the brand’s heritage as ‘Authentic English Style’, the product ranges were rationalised and a new retail concept put forward.


The Wedgwood brand was rationalised to three core ranges to attract new audiences with Contemporary and Casual whilst retaining its core audience with an updated Classic range. A refined brand architecture reflected the three core audiences and the new retail concept came to life in the Regent Street stores seeing an immediate uplift in sales.

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