Telenor Mobile is one of the major mobile phone operators in Scandinavia. Its growth has been fuelled by a combination of organic development and acquisitions, creating a diverse brand portfolio. This led to a management debate about how to achieve marketing synergies and maximise the value of the brands.


Our approach was to use brand valuation as a means of both generating internal debate and informing the brand strategy.  The research provided a numerical analysis of the brand portfolio, evaluated different brand architecture options and looked at how brands could inform the business strategy, including the use of alliances. To help ensure knowledge was transferred we were based in Telenor's Oslo office during the project.


The recommendations from our analysis led to a restructuring of the Scandinavian organisation, bringing the operations of Norway and Denmark closer together. The multi-brand offer aimed at youth segments was discarded in favour of a one brand approach, which is now being used in international operations from Bangladesh to the Ukraine. An alliance called Starmap has been developed bringing together high quality telecom brands from around the world. And the brand architecture has been re-worked to present a more coherent portfolio.

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